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Jurmala - the biggest resort city in the Baltic States!

Jurmala is the city by the Gulf of Riga stretching along 33 km of coastline with modern relaxation and resort facilities. It has become the largest resort area in the Baltics as well as a popular location for international conferences and meetings.

The city characterized by its wooden architecture with woodcut accents, cottage-style buildings and resort centers. The look of Jurmala in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century is its wooden houses with fascinating wood engraving decors in building facades and rooftop structures. The construction of Jurmala has historically formed along with the development of Jurmala resort, when many people – locals and foreigners – came to undergo a cure and relax. Romantic streets and wooden cottages surrounded by pine trees also nowadays create the vision of the olden days. The wooden buildings of Jurmala are significant and unique cultural heritage. Jurmala buildings are made unique by the fact that historicism-style wooden houses are quite rare. Wooden houses with their finely divided windows, verandas and rooftops are a Jurmala feature. Luxurious wooden buildings have extensive gardens, swimming pools, fountains and garden sculptures designed by noted architects. The old wooden building is preserved in Dzintari. These houses were built by affluent people, that is why the designs are ambitious and respectable. Dzintari is famous for the Dzintari concert stage, unique in Europe, which regularly hosts outstanding artists and ensembles. Harmoniously co-exist - Classicism, Art Nouveau, National Romanticism and Functionalism. The list of architectural monuments includes 414 buildings, but more than 4000 correspond to the status of the city’s historical buildings.

Jurmala is divided into 14 residential areas - Priedaine, Lielupe, Bulduri, Dzintari, Majori, Dubulti, Jaundubulti, Pumpuri, Melluži, Asari, Vaivari, Sloka, Jaunķemeri and Ķemeri.

There is the peace and quiet of Priedaine, and there is Jomas Street, the street in Majori always on the go, with its many little restaurants and diverse entertainment. Bulduri and Dzintari are classic Nouveau and contemporary summer-house districts. From Vaivari to Jaundubulti there are single-family homes with small summer cottages and reminiscences of Jurmala’s once-famed strawberry fields. Farthest west lies Kemeri – administrative centre of Kemeri National Park, with mineral water and curative and mud sources unique in the world, and outstanding nature trails.

The city’s beaches are its largest draw. Majori and Jaunkemeri beaches have received the Blue Flag, which means they are clean, safe and well-maintained. The Blue Flag beaches are especially popular with vacationers. At the beach you can hire paddle-boats and jet skis, play football and beach volleyball, or learn to windsurf. During the summer months, the ferry „New way” travels from Riga to Jurmala. The yacht clubs along the Lielupe offer yacht, boat, and water ski rentals. You can watch traditional rowing, sailing, and powerboat races. Fun can be had at the water park „Livu” and during the summer, the electromobile will get you acquainted with the city area. A bike ride is a good way to explore. Bird watching and bat and beaver observation excursions can be arranged. Rare and protected species can be seen in Kemeri National Park. Raga Dunes Nature Park is home to an 18,2 m high dune and 300 year old pines. The Jurmala City Museum invites you to get know the history of the resort, but in Jurmala open air museum – history of the one-time fishing village.

A summer stroll along Jomas Street is the best way to get acquainted with the rhythm of the city. The pedestrian walkway that stretches from Majori to Dzintari is full of restaurants and bars, and offers a great variety of menus from which to choose. The eateries offer Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, and other cuisines. The up-scale restaurants offer elegant interior design and special menus. The summer cafes are easy-going and reasonably priced. A wide selection of eateries offer grilled fish and meat dishes with chilled beer. With pleasure we await each and every visitor - whether you are staying for a moment or a few days or longer, to enjoy the sea breeze, the sun, nature, architecture and cultural life. Jurmala – the place to meet, the place for love, the place to come back to again and again.


100 sq. km


57 000

Length of the coastline

26 km

Distance from Rīga centre

25 km

Distance from Rīga airport

15 km

First railway station from Rīga


Last railway station from Rīga


Average water t° in summer -

+ 19°C

Average air t° in summer -

+ 21°C

Average air t° in winter -


3 lakes

Aklais, Melnais, Slokas

2 rivers

Lielupe, Slocene


Welcome to Jurmala!

It is very easy to reach Jurmala, as the city is located only 25 km from the capital of Latvia - Riga. You can go by train, by minibus, by river ship or by taxi or rent a car.

Thesuburban trains depart from Riga Central train station almost every 20 minutes and have such routes as "Riga - Dubulti", "Riga - Sloka", "Riga - Ķemeri" and "Riga - Tukums". The tickets cost approximately 0.95 - 1.35 LVL.

Theminibuses depart from the Central minibus station opposite Riga Central train station. They travel to Jūrmala every 5 minutes to destinations - Jaunķemeri, Sloka and Dubulti. The tickets cost 1.10 - 1.50 LVL and can be obtained from the driver. It is better to ask the driver to stop well in advance!